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Women’s health 
Women are considered to be more subjective to such medical conditions as autoimmune diseases, depression, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease.
Heart disease is wide-spread among the representatives of both sexes. There are different factors that influence it: aging, diabetes, passive life-style, blood pressure problems, overweight, etc.
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer a woman has. Every woman should often check her breasts in case there are any lumps or swellings which may sometimes be painful and troublesome. The reasons for that are various: excessive alcohol intake, smoking, aging, inheritance, race (white women are more subject to it), the use of medication, not having children. Every woman should see the doctor often enough and if necessary have a mammography test or screening.
Osteoporosis usually reminds about itself by back pain. The reasons for this disease are aging, too much alcohol, anorexia, sedentary life-style, irregular menstruations, smoking.
Depression usually affects more women than men. It tends to develop during pregnancy period or after and somewhere around menopause.
Autoimmune diseases are the conditions when the immune system attacks the body itself and destroys the tissues (multiple sclerosis, lupus, diabetes1).

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