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Weight loss 
Originally, fat is the source of energy for the body but some people have too much of it. Obesity nowadays is a serious problem. Millions of people are overweight and are trying to lose excessive weight by any means.
Appetite suppressants are often used to help lose weight. Some of them are based on herbs and natural products that reduce hunger and also promote health.
Weight loss takes place when calorie intake is reduced but the amount of energy burnt due to exercises is increased. 40-60 g of protein daily is the average dose for an adult. If too much of it is consumed, it may result in overweight.
Fat burners as well as diet pills are supposed to suppress one’s hunger, increase metabolism (it decreases when the weight is being lost), block dietary fat absorption, increase feeling of fullness. Pills for weight loss may help to do it quite fast and keep metabolism on a steady level.
The most well- known pills for losing weight are Hoodia, Guar Gum, Green tea extract, Ephedra, Country mallow, Chromium, Chitosan, Bitter orange.

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