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Drug uses
Propecia is a prescribed medicine used to treat hair loss on the top of the head and other areas of the head (though not sufficient for the temples) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), i.e. enlarged prostate. For the latter condition Propecia may help the difficulties connected with urination (unusual frequency, pain, decreased flow).Propecia shrinks the prostate by blocking the production of the enzyme that makes the prostate larger.
There are also some other conditions Propecia may be used for.
How taken
Propecia comes as tablets taken orally with a glass of water once a day, with/without food.
Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to use the medicine. The doses may vary from patient to patient. If it’s easier for a man to swallow a tablet not as whole but a crushed one, he may do so.
For the ones treating BPH it should become a habit to take the medicine regularly at a particular time.
Average doses:
For BPH: 5 mg a day
For hair loss: 1 mg a day
Pregnant women or the ones who are planning to have a baby shouldn’t take crushed pills.
1 Propecia is likely to be absorbed through the skin.
2 If you happen to be allergic to the medicine, stop taking it and get some medical help as the symptoms of it are the following: troubled breathing, hives, and swollen face. Anyway, inform your doctor if you have any allergy to anything.
3 The doctor should be informed if you are taking any medications at the moment or you are going to take some during the treatment even if they are just vitamins, herbal or nutritional supplements or minerals. Be sure you mentioned:
Nitrate-based medicines
High blood pressure medicines
HIV protease inhibitors
4 Never take more of the medicine more than prescribed and do not stop taking even if you feel much better until you doctor tells you to do so.
5 Propecia is a medicine for MEN only and is not supposed to be used by either children or women.
6 The doctor may limit you preferences in food and drinks for the period of treatment.
7 The doctor should know if you have any of the following health conditions:
Liver problems
Any cases of urine flow blockage
Prostate cancer
8 Propecia is to be used only by the person it’s prescribed to and for the conditions it was prescribed for.
9 When treating hair loss, new hair grows after 3 month of treatment and finishes with the treatment but it it’s lost within a year.
10 You can not be a blood-donor during the treatment and half a year after.
11 Be sure the specialists know about the medicine you are taking before having any kind of tests.
12 When treating BPH, the medicine stops working and the prostate starts growing again as soon as the treatment finishes, but it may help to reduce the possibility of a surgery. The effect produced by the tablets may be visible only after half a year of treatment.
Side effects
Side effects occur in 1-2 men in a hundred but if any are observed, inform your doctor immediately. They are: impotence, enlarged breasts, lumps, decreased ejaculation and sex drive, swollen lips, diarrhea, headache, pain in the back, giddiness.
Missed dose
If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s nearly time for you to take the next one, skip it and go back to everyday schedule, but never take double doses.
The signs of Propecia overdose are not known, though if there’s a suspicion of it, call the emergency immediately.
  • Keep away from children
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from hear, damp places and direct light
  • Dispose of an outdated medicine

The information provided above is intended to serve you information purposes only. This abstract contains only general issues on drug uses, possible side effects, directions and warnings. Contact your doctor to get some more detailed data. We disclaim of any responsibility for any adverse effects and consequences that may come out of the use of this information.