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Men’s Health 
Most health problems do not distinguish men from women but there are some that are specific to men only such as prostate disorders, erectile dysfunction, problems with testicles.
In mid-40s men often suffer from prostate enlargement. It’s located between one’s bladder and urethra and produces semen which mixes with the sperm. The symptoms are frequent, painful and troubled urination, feeling that the bladder is still not empty even if one’s just been to the toilet. Enlarged prostate may result in urine infection that’s why it’s better to consult the doctor who will suggest the proper treatment that varies from medicine to surgery.
Sometimes men have a prostate cancer when a tumor blocks urine flow and as a result one’s got the same symptoms. In some cases none of the treatment is appropriate in others the doctor may suggest a surgery or chemo-, radio-, hormone therapy.
Erectile dysfunction is inability of a man to achieve and maintain erection. This may be caused by medications, stress, injury, anything that deals with the blood flow to the penis within the body. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of means to solve this problems but this should only be done under the doctor’s supervision.

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