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Drug uses
Levitra is a medicine that helps a man to have and maintain erection treating in this way erectile dysfunction(ED).The success after taking this medicine is evaluated at 90 percent for the ones who use it for the first time. It expands blood vessels and encourages a necessary for an erection inflow of blood to penis. It also relaxes the muscles in the penis by making proteins in the body work slower and more blood inflows to cause erection. Levitra deals with erections when a man is sexually excited but not with sexual desire.
How taken
Levitra is produced in 20 mg tablets taken orally.
Take a tablet of Levitra with/without food and a glass of water an hour before a sexual contact only once a day. It usually comes into effect within an hour after you take a pill and lasts for about 4-8 hrs. DO NOT double doses.
The dose of the medicine varies from person to person (approximately 5-20 mg). The average starting dose is 10 mg though for elderly men over 65 it’s only 5 mg.
To have an erection penis needs to be stimulated.
1 Strictly follows your doctor’s instructions and never take a larger dose or more frequently than prescribed.
2 If any allergic reaction is observed, stop taking the drug. Let the doctor know if you have any allergies at all in particular to Levitra and its ingredients.
3 Levitra can not be prescribed if you are taking:
Any medications based on nitrates (influence blood pressure)
Medicines either for blood pressure or prostate
Tell your doctor if you are taking any medicines at the moment including vitamins and supplements on herbs and also:
Medications for impotence
Drugs for heartbeat irregularities
Medicines for blood pressure
4 Levitra is prescribed to MEN ONLY and is not supposed to be used by either women or kids.
5 In case of emergency or any other occasion of medical treatment, the specialists should know that you are taking Levitra and when you have taken your last dose.
6 Men over 65 are more subject to experience side effects.
7 If you experience nausea, dizziness or any other similar symptoms during sexual contact, stop taking the medicine and tell your doctor.
8 Inform your doctor about it and be careful using this medicine if you have any of the
Irregular heartbeat
Genital problems (any defects)
Any heart problems
Sickle cell anemia
Problems with blood pressure
Multiple myeloma
Stomach,liver or kidney problem
9 Levitra doesn’t protect you from the infections transmitted via sexual intercourse (HIV).
Side effects
If any side effects or any changes in the intensity occur, inform your doctor.
Side effects are the following: irregular heartbeat, symptoms like the ones we feel having influenza, running nose, pain in different parts of the body, confusion, perspiration, face rash and itching, vision disorder, indigestion, troubled breathing.
  • Keep away from children
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from direct light, cold and damp places
  • Dispose of an outdated medicine

An overdose (about 120 mg) may cause unwanted side effects such as vision disorder and pain in the back. It may also lead to priapism which is a painful and prolonged erection. If an erection lasts for more than 4 hrs or side effects are observed, call the emergency.
The information above on Levitra is supposed to add to the judgment of your doctor and to serve your information purposes only. Before using this medicine you should definitely consult with your doctor who will determine whether Levitra is suitable, safe enough and effective for your organism. This medicine may also treat some other conditions not mentioned above.