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Drug uses
Originally Hoodia is a cactus growing in Africa in the Kalahari Desert. It also belongs to the class of plants called succulents. Hoodia may be up to 1m high and has big flowers that smell very strong. People usually eat it when hunting in order to reduce hunger. There are different species of the cactus, some of them are even garden ones. One of the studies proved that Hoodia can influence part of the brain responsible for hunger and thirst. This fact led to the conclusion that the cactus may help to solve the problem of weight-loss and could be called an appetite suppressant. Though we still can not be sure of it.
How taken
Hoodia is eaten either fresh or dried. If it’s fresh you’ve got to peel off the skin and eat the flesh, though it’s bitter. In South Africa they dry the cactus and turn into a powder which can be used as a supplement.
Hoodia also comes as tablets with a potent 20:1 extract. The average dose is 1-3 tablets 3 times a day.
1 Strictly follow your doctor’s directions and never exceed the dose.
2 Hoodia is for adults ONLY.
3 Many products that have got Hoodia among their ingredients do not contain the substances that actually reduce your appetite, though the products made in South Africa tend to have all the needed properties.
4 Do not take Hoodia if you’ve recently been taking or you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors at the moment.
5 You are not to take Hoodia if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
6 Hoodia is not to be taken if you have any of the following specific medical conditions:
Urination/thyroid/ heart/ blood pressure/ prostate problems
Side effects
In some patients liver problems have been observed when taking Hoodia.