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Headache is a pain in the head that is concentrated anywhere in its area (behind the head, above the ears, eyes, etc.).Headaches may be classified into two types: primary and secondary ones. The former include headaches that are not connected with any other diseases (for example, cluster headaches, migraines, tension headaches). The latter are connected with a particular medical condition (stroke, tumor, withdrawal from caffeine, meningitis, subarachnoid hemorrhages, etc.).
Tension headaches are the most common ones as more than 90% of adults experience this particular type of headache. They usually start with pressure or tightness which is often stronger over the eyebrows than anywhere else. They do not occur very often but in some people do, though they do not stop people from functioning.
Migraine is a more intense and pounding pain which involves only one temple. The main reason for that is the enlargement of blood vessels.
Cluster headaches compose groups that last weeks and even months. As well as tension headaches, they do not have any particular cause, though alcohol and smoking may aggravate them.
The main methods of treatment of headaches are regular exercise, drug therapy, stress reduction, biofeedback training and a diet.

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