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Drug uses
Glucotrol XR is a medicine belonging to the class of sulfonylureas and used to treat diabetes 2 and control the amount of sugar in blood. It stimulates pancreas to produce more insulin in order to do that and also to prevent the development of such complications as heart, liver, kidney problems, impotence and loss of vision.
How taken
Glucotrol XR is available as an extended release tablet taken by mouth with a glass of water usually half an hour before your first meal. Never change the dose yourself. The tablets should be swallowed as whole and are not supposed to be either crushed or chewed. The doses vary and determined by the doctor.
1 Glucotrol XR is used in combination with a good diet, insulin and exercise.
2 Tell the doctor if you have any allergies. If you happen to be allergic to the medicine, do not take it anymore and tell your doctor immediately.
3 Glucotrol XR may aggravate your cardiovascular disease or cause low blood sugar. Make sure you have some sweets with you. It may cause high sugar levels as well. Make sure people you are close to know how to cope with these situations.
4 Make sure your doctor knows about any specific condition of yours besides diabetes such as:
Cardiovascular/thyroid/ diabetes 1/ liver/ kidney problems
Any infection or injury
5 Make sure your doctor knows about any medications you are taking at the moment. Be sure you’ve mentioned:
Any medicines for weight loss, cold, allergy, vitamins, supplements, herbals, etc.
Salicylate drugs
Sulfa drugs
MAO inhibitors
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Steroid medicines
Medicines for heart and blood pressure
6 Your doctor may advise you to have regular urine and blood tests in order to control sugar levels.
7 Avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment.
8 Elderly people over 65 y.o. are more subject to side effects.
9 Glucotrol XR may make you sensitive to sunlight. Make sure you are protected.
10 Make sure the doctor knows if you are planning to have a baby or you are pregnant already. Do not breastfeed during the treatment.
11 Before having any kind of surgery make sure the specialists know about the medicine you are taking.
12 Do not discontinue taking the medicine even if you feel better until your doctor tells you to do so.
Side effects
Among other side effects the most common is low/high blood sugar the symptoms of which are giddiness, frequent urination, tremor, sleepiness, breathlessness, tremor, unusual hunger and thirst, upset stomach, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, headache, sweating, clumsiness, sickness, seizures, fainting. Inform your doctor about the side effects observed as soon as possible.
Missed dose
Do not make up for a missed dose if you forgot to take one. Skip it if it’s nearly time for the next one and follow your everyday schedule. If not, take it as soon as possible.
If you had too much of the medicine, the following may occur: giddiness, excessive sweating, sickness, vomiting, anxiety, fainting, coma. Call the emergency immediately if you suspect an overdose.
  • Keep away from children
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from heat, cold, direct light and damp places
  • Dispose of an outdated medicine

This information is to serve your information purposes only and not to be looked upon as directions for a particular patient. It’s supposed to supplement to but not to substitute for the skill and knowledge of practitioners. The abstract only covers some general issues of drug uses, directions, warnings, possible side effects. We disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects and negative consequences that may be the result of the use of this information. For more details consult with your doctor.