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Drug uses
Florinef is a corticosteroid that controls the amount of fluids and sodium and maintains the balance of minerals and water in your body. Florinef is used to treat different syndromes when too much sodium is excreted in the urine and Addison’s disease. The medicine may also be used to treat low blood pressure. Corticosteroids are produced naturally by the body itself but if there aren’t enough of them, the doctor prescribes the medicine. They play a vital role for a human as they are responsible for the balance of water and salt and encourage the body to struggle with stress.
How taken
Florinef comes as tablets taken with food or milk in the morning. The doses vary, the average ones are:
For children:
50-100 micrograms daily
For adults:
50-200 micrograms daily
1 The medicine may be addictive. Do not take it for more than 3 weeks.
2 Strictly follow the doctor’s directions and never exceed the dose prescribed.
3 Inform the doctor about any allergies that you have.
4 Tell the doctor if you are taking any medications at the moment especially:
Medications for seizures
Heart medicines
Contraceptives taken orally
Medicines containing sodium
Arthritis medications
Other corticosteroids
5 The doctor should know if you are planning to have a baby or you are pregnant already. Breastfeeding is not recommended during the treatment.
6 Do not stop taking the medicine suddenly as it may cause side effects. Your doctor may advise you how to do it gradually.
7 When taken for a long time, Florinef may prevent children and teenagers from growing.
8 The natural production of corticosteroids may also be decreased by Florinef.
9 This medicine increases the risk of ulcers.
10 It also decreases your inflammatory and immune responses.
11 Inform the doctor about any specific medical conditions of yours such as:
Fungal infecion
Myasthenia gravis
Herpes eye infection
Mental/kidney/bleeding/heart/liver/bone/intestinal/thyroid/blood pressure problems
12 Before having any kind of surgery make sure the doctors know about the medicine you are taking.
13 Do not have any skin tests, vaccination during the treatment unless your doctor says that you may.
14 The doctor may restrict you to a high-protein, low-salt and sodium, potassium-rich diet during the treatment.
15 Avoid drinking alcohol beverages during the treatment.
Side effects
Dizziness, depression, swollen limbs, insomnia, splitting headaches, anxiety, vision problems, upset stomach, cold, unusual hair growth, vomiting, weight gain, acne are the side effects you need to pay attention to. Call the doctor as soon as possible if any of them occur.
Missed dose
Take the missed dose as soon as possible, but never double doses if it’s time for the next one. Just skip the missed dose and go back to your everyday schedule.
In case of overdose call the emergency immediately. Signs of overdose are the following: weakness in the muscles, high blood pressure, unusual weight gain, hypokalemia, water retention.
  • Keep away from children
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from heat, cold, direct light and damp places
  • Dispose of an outdated medicine