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Drug uses
Flomax is a medicine used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) i.e. enlarged prostate. It relaxes the muscles round the prostate and frees the flow of urine and the necessity to go to the toilet too often disappears. Otherwise enlarged prostate gland surrounding the urethra compresses it and makes the flow of urine difficult. Though Flomax will not prevent the prostate from enlarging.
This medicine can also be used for other conditions, but you’re to consult with the doctor before starting the treatment.
How taken
Flomax comes as capsules taken orally.
Follow your doctor’s instructions when taking the medicine. It’s to be taken half an hour before the same meal daily. Never chew or crush a capsule, but swallow a whole one. The doctor may increase the dose up to 2 capsules per day after 2-4 weeks of treatment.
1 This medicine is to be prescribed by the doctor.
2 Tell the doctor if you’re taking any other alpha-blockers, drugs for erectile dysfunction, drugs for blood pressure also classified as alpha-blockers (Walfarin, Catapres Cimetidine), vitamins, herbal or nutritional supplements. Additional supervision will be needed.
3 Tell the doctor before taking any medications together with Flomax.
4 If you appear to be allergic to Flomax, don’t take it any more.
5 Flomax is for MEN only. If it was used by a woman, call the doctor immediately.
6 Visit your doctor regularly to let him control the progress of the treatment.
7 Do not do anything that may be life threatening before you know how your body reacts to the medicine.
8 Inform the doctor about any specific medical conditions of yours such as any allergies (especially sulfa-drug allergy), cataract surgery, blood pressure problems, kidney problems.
9 Before having any kind of surgery inform the specialists about the medicine you are taking.
10 Flomax may take about a week before it’ll start working.
11 If you are using it together with some other drugs or taking alcohol beverages, Flomax may not work so effectively.
12 Elder people are more subject to having side effects.
13 Physical exercises, fever, heat and alcohol drinks may worsen dizziness.
14 Flomax will control the condition but you should go on using it even if you are better. Don’t stop it without your doctor’s knowing about it.
15 This medicine is to be used only by the one it’s prescribed to and to treat only the conditions it’s prescribed for.
Side effects
Giddiness, insomnia, cough, pain in the back, chest and muscles, sleepiness, weakness, sore throat, sickness, abnormal ejaculation, diarrhea, infection, clogged nose.
If any side effects turn to be continuous and troublesome, consult with your doctor, though they may go away after the organism adjusts to Flomax.
Contact your doctor immediately if there is any change in vision, priapism, swollen face, eyes, nose, lips, arms, legs, itching, rash.
Missed dose

Never double doses if you missed one. Take it as soon as you remember the same day, if not, skip it. If several doses are missed, start the treatment again by taking one tablet and consult with your doctor.
The symptoms of an overdose are unusual giddiness, strong headache and fainting spell. If there’s any suspicion of an overdose, call the emergency.
One case in 50,000 of priapism (prolonged and painful erection) has been observed. Contact the emergency immediately as this condition may lead to chronic impotence.
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep away from heat, light and damp places
  • Store at room temperature
  • Dispose of an outdated medicine