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  Euphoria Cologne
The chemicals that are produced by animals and influence the conduct of other animals are called pheromones. They concern not only sexual behavior but also finding food and marking territories.
The pheromones produced by humans have no odor but they are detected by an organ in your nose. This organ sends a definite message to the brain that causes a corresponding type of behavior.
Perfumers make you believe that their products make you both smell and look good, so most people would prefer to smell of perfume to the one of a body. Some of us feel that to be attractive for men/women to change your style and wardrobe isn’t still enough. Scientifically proved that only 5 percent of men produce a needed amount of pheromones to actuate sexual response in women. The most well-known pheromone eau-de-colognes are the following: Pherlife, Pherone Formulas, Pherplay, Athena Pheromone. The number of pheromones isn’t limited in them as they are regulated as fragrances.
Euphoria Cologne is a mixture of pure pheromones (Androstenol and Androstenone included) and pheromone oils that makes you more attractive to the opposite sex no matter what your relationship status is or anything else.
Euphoria Cologne is difficult to detect though it has a fine and pleasant smell.You’ll need a couple of drops to start working wonders.
Unfortunately, among these products there are a lot of fakes sold everywhere both in the back of sordid shops and on the internet.
Pheromone perfumes are both for men and women wishing to attract potential mates but the results may be different, that’s why before you buy it, you’d better check customer feedback on it.