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Most food that people eat is turned into glucose which is a form of sugar.
Pancreas produce a hormone called insulin that is responsible for glucose to enter all cells of the body. Diabetes is a condition when somebody’s body doesn’t produce insulin at all (type 1) or can’t use it in a proper way (type 2). If one’s got it, sugar is collected in blood but is not transmitted into cells. Some of it comes out with urine.
The symptoms of diabetes are the following: loss of weight, unusual, thirst, tiredness, genital itching, frequent urination. Skin infections, vision problems, constipation and cramps are more common for type 1 diabetes. As for type 2, symptoms may be unnoticed until one has complications. The reasons for the type 2 may be excessive body weight, passive life-style, aging.
Diabetes can not be cured but one can live a long and happy life with it if only, besides controlling blood sugar levels he observes some rules: control weight, eat right (eat at least 3 times a day, never skip a meal, keep to a diet), do exercises, taking medications needed or insulin.
Diabetes may lead to such medical conditions as blindness, nerve and blood vessel damage, heart or kidney disease, etc. Having done an ordinary urine test that may show too much glucose in the urine, it’s easy to diagnose diabetes even if the symptoms haven’t occurred yet.

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